Trust Services

You've worked hard to build your estate. Now it's time to preserve it.

Our trust services can help you accomplish specific financial goals in the way you intend, whether it’s passing on assets to heirs, establishing a fund for a loved one’s support, providing for a disabled child, or helping you with incapacity planning.

The attention your legacy deserves

As your advisor, I will work with one of our trust officers to manage your assets through the eyes of a professional with in-depth insight into your full financial picture. Our trust services team offers a breadth of services, education and support to help you address your estate planning needs and move toward your future with confidence. With specialized expertise, our trust officers can provide a full suite of trust services to help safeguard your legacy and ensure the wishes you have expressed in your will are realized.

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. The Raymond James Trust Services division can ensure it is protected and the desires you have outlined in your estate plan are carried out. We offer the following solutions and services:

By appointing our trust services division as executor and/or estate trustee of your estate, we can take on the full duties of an executor and provide professional, thoughtful administration of estates and trusts at all levels of complexity.

*Liquidator and Liquidator Support in Québec.

We can serve as sole or joint trustee for a wide variety of trusts. We bring not only technical, tax and reporting experience, but, most importantly, impartiality to the administration of trusts.

As attorney under a power of attorney for property (POA), we can undertake all aspects of financial administration even when you are no longer able to do so. Our trust division cannot be appointed as an attorney for personal care.

Managing the daily ins and outs of your personal finances can be tedious and time consuming. Consider our SIMPLIFY services. Whether you are managing your own finances or taking care of the personal affairs for a loved one, the time and attention required can draw away from other important aspects of your life.

We can provide secure storage of wills and other important documents.

Selecting the right executor, trustee or attorney are among the most critical decisions you will have to make. Let us know if you would like more information about trusts, estate administration and powers of attorney for property services, and to determine if our trust services are the right fit for you.